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Giving birth at times can seem overwhelming!  We begin our journey together  by meeting face-to-face with all involved (don’t forget dad!).  Together I’ll walk you through what to expect and we’ll draft a birth plan that meets your goals, priorities and values. 

As your baby grows I’ll be with you every step of the way.  I’ll consult with you regarding routine checkups and help you interpret the myriad of options presented to you by your medical provider so that you might make better informed decisions. 

As your body changes I’ll work with you to supplement your diet and exercise in order to make you feel better and ease delivery.  My specialty is more than simply eating healthy but we have exercise routines to target areas critical for birth as well as aiding your body to recover after. 

And FINALLY your family’s big day is here! I’ll be there right with you and your baby through the entire labor & delivery!

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