Kamala McCormick

Nature’s Pathways magazine – In November I began writing a series of articles for the southeast and northeast editions of “Nature’s Pathways”.  I’ve always loved this publication as it just fits wonderfully with my beliefs in all natural foods and healthy living habits.  

Nature's Pathways November Issue (SE)


Other Nature's Pathways issues I've written for (click the cover!):

December, 2014
"Dancing For Birth" 

January, 2015
"Postpartum fitness and nutrition"

February, 2015
"An average Jane'sAmazing doula-assisted birth"

March, 2015
"Kangaroo care — Skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby"

April, 2015
"Blossoms - Pregnancy Boutique, Wellness Center & Doula Services, LLC"


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