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 My client’s privacy is my top concern!


I’ve been blessed to share in the births of many beautiful babies and wonderful families since 2005.  Below are just a few along with a few kind words from them.  In the interests of privacy I do not post their information here.  If you desire references, please contact me (
contactme@kamaladoula.com) and I can have them reach out to you. 

Keri and Jeremy (2014 birth) – As an active participant in events at Blossoms, I was able to get to know Kamala and knew that she would be the perfect doula for us.  She made me feel very comfortable and made herself available for us for any questions I might have before and after delivery.  She has a way about her that makes you feel like you are her most important client.  Client is such an informal word for it, she really ends up being more like a friend or family.  The day I was to be induced she contacted me in the morning and made sure to keep in contact to know when the right time to come in would be.  She arrived just in time for my labor to really get going.  Kamala was a godsend.  No matter how many birthing classes I could take or research I could do, in the moment it all goes out of my brain.  Due to medical conditions I had to do labor and delivery naturally and pain medication free. Having her there to remind me of pain management techniques and positions was my saving grace.  Her knowledge and experience is invaluable.  She was such a great support and was always in the right place at the right time.  I was worried that having and extra person would be distracting, but she blends into the background and is suddenly right there at the exact moment you need her.  Having her there also allowed my husband to be more connected to me instead of worrying about logistics and our surroundings. Having her supporting me and supporting him made both of us feel relaxed and confident in the whole process.  When I had brought up to my husband that I wanted a doula for the birth of our third child, he was skeptical.  After the delivery he told me that he is now a doula advocate, telling everyone that if they have a baby they need a doula and it needs to be Kamala.  This birth was an incredibly healing experience compared to my first two births and it wouldn’t have been if we didn’t have Kamala there as a wonderful support system and fountain of knowledge.  I cannot recommend her service enough!

Brittany and Corey (2012 birth) - Our birth plan was to do things all natural, but we found out after planning for eight months that I had a rare disease call Cholestasis. This was something that we had never heard of before and Kamala really helped in many ways to get us through the harsh reality that we now had to induce labor at 36 weeks to avoid still birth. Kamala is one of the most gifted people we know. We had many desires in our birth plan that she helped educate and clarify with us and looked out for our best interests. I attended her dancing for birth classes and tried to learn as much as possible about inducing a natural labor before my actual induce date. Everything Kamala advised we tried, and behold the day we went in for inducing our baby decided to come naturally! Having a doula was the best decision I ever made, and Kamala truly coached me through some of the most beautiful and painful moments in life that I've ever experienced. In my opinion any woman who is pregnant needs an angel like Kamala, and I am so thankful that Kamala is mine.

Jennifer and Clark (2011 birth)  - Our family had a magnificent birthing experience.  Kamala was a big support throughout the entire process.  She has a very calming, supportive and caring demeanor.  She offered us much knowledge and informative guidance throughout my pregnancy.  She helped to involve my husband and support him too so we could share an even closer relationship with our baby and with each other.  Her words of wisdom and gentle encouragement were a huge help each step of the way.  She is always very positive and helped me to keep a level head and stay positive during any emotional or stressful situations.  We are blessed to have had Kamala as our doula. 


Sara and Mike (2011 birth) - I was fortunate to know Kamala and had always been intrigued by her work as a Doula but above all loved how passionate she was about her career. Immediately upon finding out we were expecting I knew I wanted Kamala to be a part of our birthing experience and was thrilled that she was able to take us as clients. Being first time expecting parents we had a lot of questions about the unknowns, in particularly about labor and delivery. Having a midwife or a doctor is great but the truth is they are at their job and you are not their only patient. Having Kamala as our Doula was like having our own personal nurse, teacher, and friend in the room with us at all times. Her demeanor is soothing, knowledge vast, and her open mind allows for a customized birthing experience. Kamala allowed our vision of a great birth come to life and we couldn’t imagine ever going through such a beautiful experience without her.


 Autumn and Matt (2011 birth) - We enlisted the help of Kamala rather early in our pregnancy because we knew we wanted a natural childbirth with some unconventional request (in most hospital settings) such as delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin contact (kangaroo care).  When we found out at 34 weeks that our son was breech, Kamala helped us tremendously with different methods and pointers used in attempting to turn him.   Unfortunately, our son never made the turn and we had a C-section at 39 weeks.  Kamala was still there every step of the way and helped my husband in the nursery and myself in recovery immediately following the birth of our son.  She assisted in our first attempts at breastfeeding and we can’t wait to have her onboard when we have another child and a VBAC!


Kelly and Matt (2011 birth) - January 23, 2011 will forever be the most beautiful day of my life.  With my husband and Kamala at my side I gave birth to my precious son.  During the months prior to delivery, Kamala gave professional, insightful, accurate, and honest advice.  During my delivery Kamala provided patience, tranquility, physical and emotional support.  Kamala understood that I intended to have a completely drug-free birth.  She stood by my birth plan so I could experience the birth I had always wanted.  Birthing is so deeply emotional and powerful.  Every woman deserves to birth in a way that she wishes.  Kamala truly understands what it means to support a woman during pregnancy, labor, and the post-partum period.



Kristin and Tim (2010 birth) -My experience with Kamala was amazing.  She attended the birth of my third child and if I had known earlier I would have had her for all three!  Kamala assisted during my third pregnancy and labor.  I am so happy she did, I cannot explain in words.  Kamala and I made a birthing plan, discussed what I would like to have happen and so forth.  Kamala was my rock and voice during labor.  Because of her I feel it went smoothly.  My husband was extremely grateful for her also.  Due to a previous medical condition I had scar tissue which delays dilation and progress of labor.  Kamala knew what to say and do.  She made sure the doctor came in and very professionally explained my situation.  From start to birth I was there a mere four hours.  I also did not have the epidural this birth (thanks to Kamala).  If I ever become pregnant again I would definitely have Kamala at my side.

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