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Hi, I'm Kamala McCormick a Childbirth Doula, Dancing For Birth Instructor and Prenatal Fitness Educator.  If you or a loved one are pregnant in the Milwaukee, Fox Valley, Madison and Sheboygan areas I can assist you in becoming more at ease and confident in your pregnancy so that you can fully enjoy this wonderful time for your family. 

I’ve nurtured, comforted, inspired and educated many women on their pregnancy and mothering journeys. I’m fascinated by the beautiful, round bellies of expectant mothers and find joy in empowering them through this transformative time. Professionally, there is no greater joy to me than helping women find the strength and goodness within to birth “their way”, to help couples connect more deeply on their birthing and parenting journeys and to welcome babies into the world. 

In addition to a love for babies (I’ve given birth to five children) and the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth, you’ll find me a fully credentialed professional  in the full range of child birth disciplines.  As well as providing private doula services I'm honored to be a part of the first only hospital in the state to have certified doulas on staff. This uniquely qualifies me to assist you in developing your special birth plan, executing it and preparing you for the beginning phases of motherhood as I have with so many previous families.

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For more information, please reach out to me at contactme@kamaladoula.com



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